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This project will be a docuseries in which we will bring the viewer the true story of the hunt and the hunter through 3 chapters of between 50-60 min. For this, we will rely on scientific, historical and conservation testimonies, in order to show the true essence of hunting during the trips and proposed projects.


1. Inform people why hunting is necessary in the world: not looking for them to practice it, but for them to understand it, to be informed and to normalize it through scientific, economic, political and social data.

2. Break the stigma against the figure of the hunter: inform the average Spaniard of the reason for hunting and its benefits.

3. Seek the union of the sector in defense of the rural world and the role that hunting plays in it: holding one of the largest events in defense of hunting. Through the union of companies, industry leaders and people from outside it.

4. Give hunting visibility on the main "streaming" platforms: increase the impact and scope of the project and therefore of the hunting activity.

    You can obtain more information about the project by downloading the PDF of the project.

    Join us in this project through the Artemisan Foundation and witness the sector's commitment to the protection and preservation of game.

    Next, we leave you how to participate via the Artemisan Foundation:

    Account Holder: Artemisan Foundation
    Concept : YWH + Your phone number

    IBAN: ES42 3081 0601 0731 6637 6024

    Thank you for trusting and wanting to participate in the project.

    Young Wild Hunters Team

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