Pro Staff

We offer the management of a network of industry influencers to create, execute and measure campaigns. We help you select the right influencer and manage the entire process, both strategically and creatively.

Creation of outdoor content for TV

We have positioned ourselves as one of the most relevant production companies on the national and international scene thanks to the creation of unique content:

  • More than 70 productions.
  • Broadcast on Spanish, French, Italian, German and Canadian TV.
  • More than 5,000,000 viewers annually.
  • Number 1 most watched series on all platforms.

Product positioning

Product positioning is one of its strengths when it comes to creating unique and surprising content. Thanks to our experience we are able to transmit the essence of the sponsors:

  • Social media promotion.
  • Creation of content and reviews for Youtube.
  • Content creation for web.
  • Product positioning in TV series.

Advertising spot

We are on the main platforms and TV with hunting content. This gives us the opportunity to offer our sponsors and brands, reach their target audience with the purchase of advertising space.

  • Advertising spaces in Spain, Germany and Canada.
  • Direct reach to the target audience.
  • Positioning, sales increase and market opening.

Digital marketing

Many companies in the outdoor and hunting sector do not know how to connect with their target audience. For this reason, we have created a team specialized in the development and execution of communication and marketing strategies for brands in the sector.

  • Digital marketing strategies and SEO/SEM
  • Branding content creation and editing
  • Social media and web management


Thanks to the community formed by Young Wild Hunters as well as the professional relationships with our partners, we have created a space where we can offer the opportunity to have access to your favorite brands and outdoor products.

  • New product introductions
  • Product cross-selling
  • Product and brand positioning
  • Potential customer outreach

Production and editing

Since our inception we have been dedicated to the creation of audiovisual productions, that is why we are specialists in creating unique content for brands, whether documentaries, trailers, corporate videos, branding or commercials.

  • Outdoor content creation
  • Editing and creation of commercials
  • Branding and content campaigns for brands


Thanks to our experience producing stands and our active presence in the most important hunting fairs, we have the capacity and creativity to develop and produce events in the outdoor sector, there is no location or ground that is a limit. Try us.

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