YWH Dog ToyYWH Dog Toy

YWH Dog Toy

From €14,95
Camiseta Earth Beige YWH Dibujo PerroEarth Beige YWH T-shirt

Earth Beige YWH T-shirt

YWH Reflective Dog CollarYWH Reflective Dog Collar

YWH Reflective Dog Collar

From €9,95
YWH Orange Leather Patch CapYWH Orange Leather Patch Cap
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YWH Orange Leather Patch Cap

Tracking Strap 10 meters YWHTracking Strap 10 meters YWH

Tracking Strap 10 meters YWH

From €29,95
Camiseta Lake Green YWHLake Green YWH T-Shirt

Lake Green YWH T-Shirt

YWH Car Protective BlanketYWH Car Protective Blanket

YWH Car Protective Blanket

From €16,95
YWH Dog WatererYWH Dog Waterer

YWH Dog Waterer

From €6,95
Customize your Dog PackCustomize your Dog Pack

Customize your Dog Pack

From €0
Meat transport bagsMeat transport bags

Meat transport bags

From €19,95
Camiseta Mountain Grey YWHMountain Gray YWH T-shirt

Mountain Gray YWH T-shirt

Gorra Beige con Parche YWHCap WILD embroidered logo
Sold out

Cap WILD embroidered logo

Camiseta Swamp Green YWHSwamp Green YWH T-shirt

Swamp Green YWH T-shirt

Camiseta Stone White YWHStone White YWH T-shirt

Stone White YWH T-shirt

Gorra de caza verde con parche de cuero grabadoYWH leather patch cap

YWH leather patch cap

Afilador de campo para cuchillos5-sided guided field knife sharpener
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Arandilla - Bolsa Bushcraft.Arandilla - Bushcraft Bag
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Arandilla - Bushcraft Bag

Young Wild Hunters Gift Card

Young Wild Hunters Gift Card

From €20
Wildscreen Duca.Wildscreen Duca
On sale

Wildscreen Duca

€65 €109,99
Wildscreen Palm.Wildscreen Palm
On sale

Wildscreen Palm

€65 €109,99

Immerse yourself in our collection of Young Wild Hunters Products

The best hunting bags on the market , which are recyclable and with which we search change the way game meat is transported for protection against bacteria and contaminating factors.

Fleeces designed to keep you warm in extreme conditions as you navigate challenging terrain.

Our parkas offer protection from the elements and durability, ensuring comfort and functionality on every hunting expedition.

Don't miss our specialized sharpeners that keep your knives and tools in optimal condition for any situation.

Furthermore, our wallets and bags They are designed with strength and practicality in mind, offering secure storage and easy access to your essentials while you venture into the wild.

Frequent questions:

What characteristics make a fleece ideal for hunting? A: Polar fleeces ideal for hunting usually have thermal properties that maintain body heat, are breathable, and can be silent to avoid alerting prey. In our selection, you will find fleeces designed specifically for the needs of the hunter.

What are the differences between a normal parka and a parka designed for hunting? A: Parkas designed for hunting usually have specific features, such as being waterproof, having strategically placed pockets for easy access to hunting equipment, and being constructed with durable, resistant materials to withstand adverse conditions.

How often should I sharpen my hunting tools? A: The frequency of sharpening depends on the use and type of tools. It is recommended to regularly check the sharpness of knives and tools before and after each hunting trip to ensure optimal performance.

What features should I look for in a hunting wallet or bag? A: Hunting wallets and bags should be durable, water resistant, and have organized compartments to carry essential items such as maps, compasses, ammunition, or other accessories. It is also important that they are comfortable to wear during long days of hunting.