ALPEN Apex XP 2.5-15x56 Rifle Scope with A4 Reticle and SmartDot Technology

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The ALPEN Apex XP 2.5-15x56 rifle scope is ideal for hunting in twilight conditions. It has a high zoom level (15x) and a large lens diameter of 56 mm. The tube diameter is 30 mm. In addition, its premium optic is equipped with an illuminated German No. 4 reticle in the second focal plane and therefore does not increase in size with the zoom level. The reticle can be easily adjusted with MRAD, i.e. 1 click = 1 cm at 100 metres. This means that there is no need to make any calculations using the MOA (minute of angle) system. The ALPEN Apex XP 2.5-15x56 scope also has a very durable design thanks to the waterproof and recoil-proof housing. Zoom with FluoDigits Technology The zoom ring features a comfortable ribbed design and can be moved effortlessly with a small knob. The viewfinder also comes with FluoDigits technology, useful particularly in low light conditions. The fluorescent zoom numbers show the zoom level discreetly during twilight or even in the dark without revealing its location, with a minimum battery life of 5 hours. This feature is also very handy for use with accessories. Coating Another highlight of the viewfinder is the innovative, premium coating, which produces crisp, clear images. Innovative SmartDot technology Thanks to the built-in tilt sensor, the innovative SmartDot technology reduces battery consumption and ensures that the rifle scope is always ready for use: the light spot is automatically switched on and off when you move the rifle to a shooting/standby position. The light unit is located on the left side of the tube together with the parallax compensation. In addition to extending battery life, the automated illuminated reticle also saves you valuable time by ensuring that the scope is always ready for action. As you would expect, the riflescope is also equipped with a zero-stop function. Waterproof and recoil-resistant With this premium ALPEN optic, the rifle scope is also suitable for use in adverse weather conditions. It is waterproof up to 3 metres (IPX7) and can therefore withstand heavy rain, snow, fog or even a short period of submergence. The rugged housing provides a reliable seal and prevents liquid from entering the optics. In addition, the optic is nitrogen-filled to prevent the lens from fogging up and obstructing the view in case of sudden temperature changes. As a premium telescopic sight,

Free shipping from €27.95

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