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The BSF Yimi hatch is a mechanical feed dispenser for wild boars that regulates the output of grain or feed from any tank when activated by them.

It can be installed in any tank. Allows installation both at the base of the tank and on one side, preferably flat. Depending on the environment and the animals that compete for food, one or another option will be recommended.

With lateral installation and the necessary tension, only wild boars will be able to eat. For cases of extreme pressure from other animals, the BSF Yimi Visor is recommended.

It has a 3-level rationing system, combining complementary regulation plates. It allows the food output to be adapted depending on the user's objective and the type of food.

Now includes the new BSF Yimi Accelerator for the learning phase! A small bucket attachable to the trap door where the food that acts as bait is introduced.

Free shipping from €27.95

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