Binoculars ALPEN Teton 8x42 with Abbe prisms / ED glass

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In a lightweight and durable housing, the ALPEN Teton 8x42 binoculars offer exceptional optical performance. Thanks to the high-quality optics with ED and Abbe prisms, objects appear bright, sharp and in impressive colours - all at a very affordable price. Coating The ALPEN Teton binoculars are fully multi-coated for maximum brightness: the SHR metal coating on the Abbe prism produces razor-sharp, high-resolution images and the PXA phase coating provides impressive clarity and contrast. Rugged, waterproof and easy to use Long life is guaranteed with the high quality housing made of a lightweight, highly durable composite material. The zoom and dioptre ring are made of durable metal. In addition, the waterproof binoculars are sealed and filled with nitrogen which prevents fogging of the inside of the lenses. The ergonomic design and rubber coating ensure a comfortable grip. Ideal for spectacle wearers Thanks to their excellent optics, the ALPEN Teton 8x42 binoculars also allow spectacle wearers to enjoy bright, clear images. The long eye relief ensures that the entire field of view is visible. Thanks to the rotatable eyepieces, you can quickly adjust the distance between your eyes and the eyepiece lenses. There is also a practical A-lock dioptre system, which allows you to compensate for differences in vision between your eyes and lock the adjustment. In short: if you wear glasses, fold down the eyepieces, and if you don't wear glasses, leave them unfolded.

Free shipping from €27.95

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