3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac® Earmuffs


The 3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac earmuffs offer adjustable hearing protection for hunting and shooting sports.

They feature an intelligent, level-dependent instant response function that will protect your hearing from loud noise.

They feature an audio input for external radio and a flexible headband.

Key features:

Use the 3M™ PELTOR™ SportTac earmuffs for instant hearing protection from sudden loud impulse noises.

Designed specifically for hunters and shooters, they have a level-dependent function and can increase ambient sound levels when needed.

They feature 3M PELTOR™ dual housing technology, which gives them a more robust build and improved durability.

They also feature an audio input for external radio, an automatic shut-off function and an operating time of up to 600 hours.

The headband is flexible for easy storage and each ear cup comes with an extra pair of ear shells.

Each model comes in both orange and green.

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