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Published a decade after the publication of Cosas de corzos , this work complements the previous one and tackles new problems derived from the expansion of the species in Spain. The near disappearance of the roe deer in some places due to the spread of the Cephenemyia epidemic, the consolidation of an excessive abundance of animals in others or the marked disproportion of sexes that can be seen today in almost all its area of distribution, are problems on which the author focuses while proposing a possible solution to the hunter and manager of territories. Profusely illustrated with images by the author himself and the renowned photographer Mario Bregaña, the book covers subjects as diverse as the negative consequences of blindly trophy hunting, the correct butchering of a roe deer carcass or the new parasites that threaten Capreolus capreolus on our soil, all of which are undoubtedly of interest to the enthusiast of the species.

Undoubtedly one of the chapters that will be most useful for the enthusiast is the one that, with the support of numerous example photographs, shows the type of animal (females, juveniles and adult males of "trophy class" or senescent) that in each circumstance, according to the author's criteria and from a modern and environmentally responsible hunting perspective, should be hunted or respected.


Inside on 170 g coated paper in four-colour process. Hard cover. Chrome binding with round spine.

Free shipping from €27.95

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