BRESSER TNS2 WiFi Thermal Camera

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The BRESSER TNS2 WiFi thermal camera uses the 384x288 thermal image sensor in the wavelength range of 8 to 14 ?m to effectively show you even contrasting heat levels. The device is equipped with 2x and 4x zoom so that you can see everything clearly on the 720x540 pixel display. In addition, you can adjust the image sharpness via the focusing lens and the dioptre compensation from -3 to +1. With the thermal camera, you can easily capture special moments in interesting photos, which are stored in the integrated 16 GB memory. PI Technology and Hot-Tracking In modern PI technology, special software is used to improve image sharpness and detail reproduction. This makes it easier to identify objects. Practical: in Hot-Tracking mode, the hottest object is automatically optically highlighted. Detection and recognition distance of 367 m. Six different colour palettes Adapt the image of the thermal imaging camera to the respective observation situation and your individual preferences. For this purpose, you can choose between six different colour palettes or display modes: Rainbow, bright red, bright white, bright black, birdwatching mode, yellow colouring. High frame rate The TNS2 WiFi thermal imaging camera is characterised by a frame rate of 50 Hz. This makes it ideal for observing moving objects. Long operating time The integrated rechargeable battery keeps the thermal camera in operation for a long time: with the WiFi function deactivated, you have up to 15 hours to make interesting discoveries on a single charge.

Free shipping from €27.95

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