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Manual knife sharpener PRO Work Sharp


The Pivot PRO knife and tool sharpener is our most comprehensive sharpener in the Pivot series. It quickly and easily restores factory sharpness to knives and a wide range of sharp tools in a matter of seconds. The 25° Convex-Carbide® sharpening blades quickly restore an edge; while the fine-grained ceramic rods sharpen a knife's edge to factory results.

In addition to sharpening knives, it includes two additional sharpening modules, one for fine-edged lawn and garden tools and one for scissors and shears. The 320 grit diamond plate provides the perfect solution for sharpening a wide range of blades, including axes.

The hand-held design is effective for use on a workbench or countertop as well as in the yard or in the field. The scissors and shears sharpener can be removed from the handle for convenient use wherever and whenever needed.

Sharpens knives, scissors, garden tools, pruners, shears and more.

Sharpens carbon steel and ceramic.

Compact design and easy to carry.

Diamond plate for sharp tools.

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