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Young Wild Hunters is an audiovisual production company that stands out for its love and passion for the world of hunting, trying to capture it in each of our projects giving a totally unique and innovative style so that no hunter remains indifferent.

We are hunters and we are proud to be so.

Young Wild Hunters stands out for its high audiovisual quality, offering the best recording, editing and post-production services thanks to its experience in the sector and fully professional material.

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We define and establish all the necessary preparations to make each project unique. We create and analyze the right marketing and communication strategies combined with the highest audiovisual standards. All this always adapting to the demands and tastes of the contractor to meet their objectives.


In this phase we put into practice everything established in the technical script and the work plan, and we start with the days of recording, design and content generation. Our production team comes into play to ensure that the result is excellent and meets the quality expectations that Young Wild Hunters guarantees.


We carry out an exhaustive study of all the recorded takes, we order and assemble them to achieve the expected result. We perform color treatments, audio editing and the necessary effects. This is the moment when the editing team aligns itself with the communication and marketing strategies.


In this phase Young Wild Hunters puts at your disposal all the reach obtained during the last years. With a presence in more than 6 countries and an audience of 5,000,000 viewers, we take each production to the next level of communication. Our intention is to provide the viewer with entertaining and unique content.

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