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High Performance Dual Parapet. The 365 Archery Dual Parapet allows you to use the parapet vertically or horizontally according to your preference or need. The 365 Archery High Performance targets have become an industry reference for high quality self-healing foam targets. Our special patented foam formula allows for very easy arrow removal and enormous longevity. Each parapet consists of a replaceable 10″ (25cm) 6-sided core that can be rotated to display different patterns with multiple dots. This ability to rotate the butt core dramatically increases its useful life, also offering one of the easiest arrow extractions on the market. The parapet frame that supports and surrounds the central core offers an increased impact area that provides additional safety for those erratic shots - which every archer knows happen from time to time - eliminating the need to place additional nets or parapets behind the Diana. With 365 Archery's interchangeable center core system, it is no longer necessary to replace the entire target once the target wears out. Simply remove the old core and slide in a new core for a fraction of the price of a complete new parapet. The HP Dual Target is suitable for broadheads and crossbows. Each system consists of 4 pieces: a 5″ (13cm) thick black frame, 2 interchangeable 10″ (25cm) cores, and a base.

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