Wild Garoz

They say that experience is the mother of all sciences and that humility reflects true greatness. And if there is something that characterizes the Garoz brothers after almost thirty years as taxidermists, it is their experience and humility. Garoz taxidermy is one of the best and best known worldwide. Three generations behind it, and almost a century of history, working to improve and offer more quality, professionalism and innovation in the art of naturalizing and giving life to animals and trophies for hunters from all over the world. Young Wild Hunters together with the Garoz brothers, come together in this project for Cazavisión. A series of 5 episodes that collects and shows us the hunting experience from an original point of view, very different from what hunters are used to. We will live from the set to the preparation of the trophy, taking you along paths hitherto unknown but always enjoying every moment hand in hand with these great professionals who are passionate about the world of hunting.