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Solar Panel for Game Cameras

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Product information "Solar panel for game cameras"
• Integrated lithium-ion battery with 6,800mah
• Significantly extends the life of the camera batteries
• protects the environment and your wallet
• Compatible with all 6V and 12V trail cameras that have a 4.0x1.7mm barrel connector
• can be charged via USB-C
• Robust, weatherproof camouflage housing, protection class IP67
• Solar power first charges the built-in battery and then any connected battery packs
• Easy installation thanks to the bracket provided
The SEISSIGER solar panel is an additional power source for game cameras.
The solar panel has a built-in lithium-ion battery that is continuously charged by the solar cells when exposed to the sun. Once connected, the camera will be powered by the solar panel's charged lithium battery for as long as possible and will only switch to the internal batteries when the solar panel battery is temporarily low. This means that the camera batteries have a significantly longer service life.
Before using the solar panel for the first time, we recommend fully charging the built-in battery once at the socket with a USB-C charging cable (takes up to 12 hours).
The solar panel can be used with 12V and 6V trail cameras.
You will receive two DC output cables, a 12V cable (left) and a 6V cable with voltage converter (right). SEISSIGER cameras use the lower voltage of 6V; many other game cameras work with 12V and use the left DC cable.
To connect the solar panel to the camera, select the appropriate cable. There is a thread on one side of the cable below the plug. This side belongs in the solar panel. Open the left rubber cover and carefully screw the connector into the internal thread of the solar panel. Please make sure that you do not screw the cable in too tightly, otherwise you could damage the thread on the cable.
Finally connect the camera socket of the solar panel to the input socket for external power supply of your camera (see the manual of your camera model).
Technical specifications:
Current requirement: 5V @ min 500mA
USB charging voltage: 5V-9V
Discharge voltage: 12V
Max discharge current: 2A
Max. charging voltage protection: 6V
Recommended charging time: 12 hours to fully charge
Charging Priority: When both USB and solar charging sources are available, USB charging has a higher priority.
Operating temperature: -20 to 40°C
(storage temperature: -30 to 70°C)
Operating humidity: 5% - 90%
• Scope of delivery: SEISSIGER solar panel, ball head bracket including dowels, connection cable for 12V game cameras, connection cable for 6V game cameras
• Dimensions: 16 x 23 x 2.5cm, weight: 650g

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