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Twenty days in the African continent

Twenty days in the African continent

For many villages hunting is a necessity to survive

  It was four in the morning, this time I woke up a little earlier than normal. After twenty-four hours by plane and ten by car, it didn’t matter much to me. After all, I was going to spend twenty days in Africa.

At night, the temperature did not drop below 35 degrees. The sun rose up early. Despite starting our adventure so early in the morning, there was a light that allowed us to see perfectly everything that surrounded us. Savanna and scrubland, we were in the middle of nowhere, soaked in nature.

Camp was tough, I’d be lying if I state the opposite. Nevertheless the privilege of spending twenty days on the African continent was worth it. 

Entire villages destroyed, hundreds of families eating from a single animal. Certainly at that time I was going to understand the why of something that I did not understand much before: The why of the elephant hunt.


Boom ”. A shot, a stalking that I will remember all my life. I had to make a great effort so that, just at twenty meters from the largest land animal in the world, my camera wouldn’t shake. After days and hours seeing only females with calves and young elephants. As a result of the good work of the trackers, there was the fresh footprint. Simultaneously we found him, finally an adult male. 

A group of lions under the shadow of a tree

In the middle of the Savanna

A herd of elephants refreshes itself at a watering hole


We’ve dedicated the rest of the days to the play game. This kind of hunt consists on hunting the rest of the species that do not enter in the big five. It was all like a movie, the client was happy with the trip.  My friend Martin, from adictos a cazar, and myself were very pleased with the hunting. 

I was delighted to see how on the African continent they perfectly fulfill the Young Wild Hunters motto: “We eat what we hunt”. They don’t have many other options there. If on Monday we found a zebra, on Tuesday it was our breakfast, lunch and dinner, the whole animal was used. We tried everything; buffalo tail, hippo etc. 

For many villages hunting is a necessity to survive. What caught my attention the most was a kind of jerky that they made with the meat of any animal, it’s called biltong. They cut it into strips and leave it to marinate with spices, salt and vinegar. It is left to dry in the sun, curing in that way without the need to cook it. Shortly after we had our appetizer; it was hard as a stone but with a flavor that will be etched on my palate forever.


An elephant is approximately two and a half tons of food that the camps themselves give to the villages feeding hundreds of families for a long time. In Africa, as I have said before, what is hunted is eaten. The truth is that the controlled hunting of this large mammal helps to reduce the biggest threat facing African elephants, the poaching that fuels the illegal ivory trade.

Given these points, and after an adventure of twenty days in Africa, you will, very soon, have a trailer in which we will explain the whole part of conservation in our web. Besides, you will be able to watch many interviews to trackers where the explain how regulated hunting helps to maintain the African country. Hence, they will give you a first-hand awareness of how elephants feed their families while protecting the ecosystem. You can see shots of how they get into the villages destroying everything that is put in front of them being aware of the need to control it through hunting as it is done with other species.

I have no doubt that this have been one of the most spectacular trips of my life. You can not miss the trailer that will appear in a few days on the Young Wild Hunters website.

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