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Avoiding incidents is an obligation of every person participating in a free-range hunt. One should not fall into provocations in case of conflicts that may occur with external agents such as ecologists, hikers or mushroom hunters, and above all, safety during the hunt should be a priority. Sometimes it becomes tiresome, but remembering the rules never hurts. There are always people with little experience or who are just starting out, and sometimes it is even more necessary to remind an experienced hunter of them.

The most general rules are as follows:

  1. We must not move from the post under any circumstances until the bidder arrives, who, on the other hand, must be in charge of collecting the armada just as he has assembled it, or, if something comes up, arrange for someone else to do it, otherwise we accustom people to go away removing at their discretion and there will always be someone who does it before the time, annoying the rest of the armada and with the consequent danger.
  2. Not improving your posture. It is something very common, but, although in Spain everyone knows about hunting, the person who has organized the posts has marked it there for a reason. We should not improve ourselves, harming the one next to us, nor should we move looking for a better field of vision.
  3. We must not shoot at varettos or females followed by calves.
  4. We must bury the bullet, never shoot in the line of sight or in line with other posts. As much as we may be in the mood, in addition to seeing the game and aiming at it, before shooting we must see what is behind it.
  5. If we are given a quota, obviously we must respect it.
  6. We must not shoot in the crowd, we must see our game clearly and we will avoid a lot of unpleasantness.
  7. Comply with the current law, do not bend, shoot only at authorized species, etc.

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