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The return of the bison to Spain

The return of the bison to Spain


In the Sierra of Andújar (South of Spain), specifically in the private property of Encinarejo, deer, partridges, lynx, and many other species coexist. Since October of this year, the bison has joined them. 

The property of Encinarejo, has offer its land to the Association of the European bison in Spain, to add to its services a conservation project. Therefore, under the supervision and advice of the entity, the goal is to reintroduce the bison in the south of Spain. The idea is to carry out research and study this specimen in its new environment. The purpose of the project is to obtain information, protect the animal and repopulate them so that in the future the bison will be like another wild boar or deer in the mountains of Spain

More than ten thousand years have passed since the last bison that lived on the Iberian Peninsula. Likewise, the European Bison Association intends to understand why the animal adapts to some places and not to others. For this reason, through cameras, drones and other means of observation, they study how the European bison integrates with the species and nature that coexist in the Sierra of Andújar.

A group of bisons in the Sierra of Andújar




In addition, after the good result of “bellowing between holm oaks”, the Encinarejo wanted to count with us one more time. Young Wild Hunters will be part of this project. Certainly, it is a common bet between hunters who seek to further enhance the message of wanting to conserve species. The animal is transported from Poland. However, despite the fact that the journey takes two and a half days by truck, the bison have the utmost care on the route.

Apart from the conservation process, the bison is expected to improve the natural processes of the land. This is possible thanks to the bison feeding on plants that later become compost. Likewise, they feed on shoots and branches, opening spaces in the properties and thus preventing the spread of fires.

Ultimately, as a result of this initiative, the bison will have the opportunity to live on a vast terrain. In this way, the idea is that they develop their own biology giving life to an endangered species. Meanwhile, the animals will improve the farm, since they carry out the field cleaning work that man has done until now. 

This project fits perfectly with our way of seeing the countryside and nature. Much of the Young Wild Hunters philosophy is in our desire to conserve and protect species. Therefore, we are happy to be able to witness the integration of the bison in southern Spain. For this reason, we want to make you participants too.


The european bison in its new habitat
The european bison in its new habitat

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