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Hunting is a very old tradition in Spain. In fact, since the sixteenth century, places were set up for hunters to go with their grandparents to carry out hunting activities. Today, it is a trend that does not seem to be diminishing. It is estimated that throughout Spain there are more than 1,000,000 hunters registered in hunting work.

There are coherent reasons why hunting reserves in Spain are so well known. First, because it is profitable and beneficial for the conservation of the environment. And secondly, the natural environment of the European country lends itself to modalities such as the release of birds or shooting ducks. Usually in places like farms or rural ranches with their respective lodging, food and recreational programs.

Due to the great importance of hunting preserves, we have made a list of some of the best ones:

Cinegetica Las Encebras
It is located in Granada, specifically in Guadahortuna at kilometer 11. It is presented as an ideal place for the practice of hunting activities, set for the use of both beginners and experts.

Los Claros
It is located in Ciudad Real, specifically in San Benito. It is of private type, dedicated to big game hunting, as well as to small game hunting, in a safe environment and with a characteristic climate of one of the best places to practice the types of hunting in Spain. It presents well-kept facilities, with lodging, food, country house, visits to the surroundings and much more inherent to the hunting sport activity.

Valhondo Game Preserve
One of the best hunting preserves in Spain, it is located in the region of Cuenta, specifically in Villar de la Encina. Here you can spend a pleasant afternoon or weekend in facilities and natural environments meticulously cared for the activity of sport hunting. They have professionals who will help you with everything that has to do with hunting.

Anoia Cotos
This is one of those areas where hunters can carry out their hunting activities in a quiet way. Thought in the modalities of hunting that will make you spend a pleasant time. It is located in a region close to the city of Barcelona, in an accessible road for cars where you will not lose communication with the outside at any time. It stands out well for its partridge hunting, which in seasons where this bird is present, meets well with the demands of consumers.

Las Navas
If you are looking for a place to carry out your activities related to hunting, this is one of the best in the catalog. Located in La Mancha, Castilla, you will find environments adapted to big and small game hunting, in excellent environmental conditions. Deer, wild boar, quail and others, are some of the prey for which you can choose in this incredible Spanish preserve.

Pozo Llorente Complex
It is a Spanish hunting preserve, located in Albacete, of good valuation, where you will be able to enjoy peacefully in its private facilities. The release of quail, the search for ducks in the streams and other types of related hunting modalities are attractions to take into account.

Cabeza Morena
A well known commercial hunting preserve in Albacete where you can enjoy all the adventure related to small game hunting. It has excellent valuation by the clients, the natural environment adapts to what it offers, finding hunts of red partridge, hare, rabbit and pheasant.

A private place where you will have the opportunity to hunt small game without any inconvenience. They accept groups of up to 3 people to try their luck in their main prey, with first class facilities, meticulously cared natural environments, surfaces adapted to the circumstances and much more related to the practice of hunting.

Cortijo Rural El Molino
It is a private hunting reserve in the area, completely in a rural environment, where you will be able to hunt in the corresponding seasons. The place has restaurants, lodging and activities for lovers of sport hunting.

It provides guides and professional companion for those who are starting in the world of hunting and mountaineering to be aware of the modalities and the necessary equipment. The days can be done both in groups and individually, and are well adapted to the needs of small game and big game, with programs related to hunting and much more.

A hunting preserve located in the city of Madrid, specifically on Manoteras Avenue. With good access and private surroundings where you will not have to worry about the entrance or other adversities. Not only is it an excellent place to go hunting and hunting with your hounds, but it also includes a complete fishing and safari program excellent for families who want to get out of the routine.

Casa Herrero
It is a farm dedicated to hunting that you can find in Cuenca, adapted to the needs of professional hunters and beginners. It is located less than two hours away from the neighboring cities of Albacete and Cuenca. So you will have assured access options.

As for its modalities, we highlight the hand hunting, with a maximum of 5 partridges and hare for each hunter. Also that of a large number of rabbits to chase with shotguns. This can be done individually or in pairs, with no limits on the number of rabbits.

The other popular modality is the practice of hunting wild boars, partridges and rabbits.

Vegas del Sever
If you are looking for a place to go hunting, this is one of the best. Located in Cáceres, specifically in Valencia de Alcántara, you will find one of the best hunting grounds in Spain that opens its doors in the main seasons of the year ready to ensure a good experience to customers.

It has excellent facilities, you have the option to stay in cottages, in a first class farm. They have in their program exciting hunting activities, among which stands out the hunting.

This is a company in Castellón that provides hunting preserve services for hunters who want to have a great experience and adventure. The attention is completely personalized, they give you what you need to do the hunting, such as equipment, vehicles, airport pick up if you are from another country, accommodation in the surrounding areas and much more.

El mencho
A preserve located in Sierra Morena, just an hour from the province of Jaén with excellent access and first class facilities. They have a very versatile hunting program, from hunting in the open country, to stalking, to stalking, and even the most demanding hunting trips. All in the company of professionals who will guide and explain in case you are a beginner in the world of hunting. It highlights its great natural environment, vast wildlife, streams, mountains and marksmanship practices in its surroundings.

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