Monocular Térmico ALPEN Apex
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Monocular Térmico ALPEN Apex

Thermal Monocular ALPEN Apex 54mm / 40mk / 384x288

Thermal Monocular ALPEN Apex 54mm / 40mk / 384x288, BLACK

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Thermovision to perfection: the ALPEN Apex Thermal Imager Keep your eyes always on the essentials: this is what the powerful ALPEN Apex Thermal Imager allows you to do, especially when hunting in the forest thanks to the initial 2x magnification. And that too in excellent high-resolution images on the colourful HD AMOLED display. You can keep an eye on everything up to a distance of 1,300 metres and share your experiences with other hunting enthusiasts via videos or photos. Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor Watch deer, wild boar, hare and company. right from the start, even in rain or fog: the ALPEN Apex thermal imaging device is equipped with a high-resolution NETD <40 mK 384x288 thermal imaging sensor for this purpose.

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