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guided field sharpener de Worksharp
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5-sided guided field knife sharpener

5-sided guided field knife sharpener, clasic

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The guided field knife sharpener is the complete solution for knife sharpening in any situation. Designed for those who need a complete, robust and compact manual sharpening solution.

It incorporates 5 sharpening and polishing stages, each with built-in angle guides for consistent beveling across the entire blade. The 20° guides, 320 and 600 grit diamond, fine ceramic rod and a leather seat combine to provide a solution from repair to creating a highly polished edge.

The guided field knife sharpener also sharpens saws and hooks, and the removable diamond plates reveal a storage cavity and tip spanner inside.

320 and 600 diamond plates depending on the need of the knife and the type of sharpener required.

3-position ceramic shaft including hook slot.

Leather handle

Guides for 20° and 25° angles

Fine ceramic plate for precision tools

Pin hole

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