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Wild Cooking “Scrambled Fresh Mushrooms

Ingredients: Fresh milk capsBarnyard eggsAOVEGarlicSaltPepper This recipe is one of the simplest and richest to prepare. First we must go in search of the star product of the recipe, the mushrooms. This time Wild cooking comes out of the paper and will explain how to get them and prepare them. To prepare the recipe as we have seen in the images: Wash the mushrooms very well, remove all the mud, soil and leaves that you may have. This point is very important, but...

WILD COOKING Ringdoves rice

INGREDIENTS 6 ringdoves  Carrot  Onion  Laurel  Rosemary Fresh tomato   1 clove garlic  Thyme  Salt Virgen Olive Oil  Pepper powder  Rice METHOD   Final result Recipe in our book 1. Boil the pigeons with carrot, onion, laurel and salt in a pressure cooker for 2 hours 2. Sauté onion, natural tomato, 1 clove of garlic, thyme, rosemary, pepper powder and salt 3. Add the onion, carrot and ringdoves to the sauce 4. Have everything simmer for 10 minutes 5. Add the stock and then the rice.

WILD COOKING Deer lasagna

INGREDIENTES  Minced deer meat - 70% deer and 30% pork 3 onions Cooking liquid cream Fried tomato Flour Ground nutmeg Milk Lasagna sheets Grated cheese Salt Virgin Olive oil  METHOD  Poach the onion over medium heat Put the minced meat in the same pan Mix both until the minced meat is cooked and add a bit of salt  When the minced meat is cooked, put the fried tomato on top and stir everything For the béchamel, put the liquid cream in a medium sized pan until it is more or less...

WILD COOKING Deer lasagna

INGREDIENTS  Deer minced meat - 70% deer and 30% pork  3 onions Cooking cream  Fried tomato  Flour  Ground nutmeg  Milk  Lasagna sheets Shredded cheese  Salt Virgin Olive oil  METHOD  Sauté the onion over medium heat Put the minced meat in the same pan Mix both until the minced meat is  done and add a bit of salt (to taste) When the minced meat is done, put the fried tomato on top and stir everything For the bechamel, in a medium frying pan put the cream Add two large tablespoons of flour and a bit of  ground...

Looking for the King of the Palencia forest- Part 2

IN THE NATURE NOTHING IS WASTED Cutting the animal was without a doubt the hardest part of the whole adventure. The idea was to take benefit of the entire deer. This was a challenge for us, it was not an easy task. However, with patience and dedication, my friend Ramón and I managed to bring the entire animal home. Once again, we were able to verify that hunting is not only enjoyed in the field but also in the kitchen. At...

Twenty days in the African continent

For many villages hunting is a necessity to survive   It was four in the morning, this time I woke up a little earlier than normal. After twenty-four hours by plane and ten by car, it didn't matter much to me. After all, I was going to spend twenty days in Africa. At night, the temperature did not drop below 35 degrees. The sun rose up early. Despite starting our adventure so early in the morning, there was a light...

The return of the bison to Spain

A CONSERVATION PROJECT In the Sierra of Andújar (South of Spain), specifically in the private property of Encinarejo, deer, partridges, lynx, and many other species coexist. Since October of this year, the bison has joined them.  The property of Encinarejo, has offer its land to the Association of the European bison in Spain, to add to its services a conservation project. Therefore, under the supervision and advice of the entity, the goal is to reintroduce the bison in the south of...

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