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Looking for the kings of the Palencia forest – Part 1

A different hunt

Looking for the kings of the Palencia forest – Part 1


A totally wild and different hunt was something that had been on our minds for a long time. Our goal was to let the new generations know the way, we, Young Wild Hunters, hunt, to enjoy nature. Luis, one of our cameras, joined us for the first time. We’ve been four days spending the night in the hunting reserve that my friend Ramón, from BigTrophy, has in Palencia. The bellowing had nothing to do with Andújar’s, it was weaker. If hunting in open country was already a challenge, this was even more complicated, since in the area the deer were still quite reluctant to howl. The number of animals was much smaller and the lack of females makes that the males are not  attracted by the ones in heat.  And, if they are, the bellowing is not happening, because the pheromones of the hinds in heat do not reach them. Finding the kings of the Palencia forest was not going to be an easy job. 

The idea was to be able to get close enough to the deer to assess them well and take an accurate shot. For this we had to get up early and turn into ghosts; thanks to the lack of light, we were able to move quickly and with an advantage. The first two days we saw a lot of young deers and females, nothing we could shoot at.

Hunting was only in the morning and afternoon, so we had many hours left in between. We spent that time surrounding ourselves of nature. We were able to verify that the real hunter does not need a rifle to enjoy himself. Therefore, we took a dip in the river, cooked bush meat on our camping gas; we made waiting a really fun moment that, as you well know, is also part of hunting.

A thick fog accompanied by some drops of water surprised us the last morning. For fear that the equipment would be damaged by the rain and humidity we had to cancel the adventure of the fourth day. 



We didn’t see it as a failure. We were able to enjoy nature learning even more from it and having great moments together. We have one more anecdote to remember and a goal for the near future; come back in search of our northern deer.


  At 6 am planning how we would start our adventure
Great moment with my friend Ramón

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