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Looking for the King of the Palencia forest- Part 2

Looking for the King of the Palencia forest- Part 2


Cutting the animal was without a doubt the hardest part of the whole adventure. The idea was to take benefit of the entire deer. This was a challenge for us, it was not an easy task.

However, with patience and dedication, my friend Ramón and I managed to bring the entire animal home. Once again, we were able to verify that hunting is not only enjoyed in the field but also in the kitchen.

At 18 pm the second part of our adventure in the Palencia forest began. As soon as we got out of the car we decided to head for the top to settle directly there. We didn’t want to make the mistake of the last time, when we “lost” much of the morning going up. 


It was 6 in the morning the next day and the mixture of wind and humidity made our bones freeze. It had been very long since the last time we felt that cold. However, we woke up by playing the deer call and concentrating on locating the first king of the forests who answered our call.

There were four of us, Ramón and his brother Asis had joined our adventure at 1 in the morning. Eight eyes and eight ears to find the long awaited deer.

At 7 we began to hear the first responses to our call. One of them seemed to be closer than the rest; but we had no luck locating the animal.

Ramón and his trophy

Cutting the deer

Ramón Valentín-Gamazo Abril with his brother Asís


Then the first rays of sun began to come out, the morning was upon us. We certainly had to bet all the cards on that deer.

There he was, bellowing in a small square at only 800 meters away from the camp. Ramón immediately made his way between two holm oaks and threw himself on the ground. Without thinking, he placed the rifle tripod there.

When hunting, you just need to look into the eyes of your partner to understand what he wants to tell you. If he is a friend this comes out automatically. That’s how it went. Ramón told me where the deer was so that I could record the shoot. While I was doing my work, Luis recorded the live sequence.

Afterward I gave Ramón a signal to act. Simultaneously, the deer fell after an accurate and clean shot that avoided its suffering.

Our joy couldn’t be explained. After six days in the mountains we had our northern deer.

Without a doubt, the memory that fulfilled us with this adventure was being able to enjoy it with friends. When things are shared, everything is better.

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