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There are several things that hunters do for us that you probably didn’t know.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, many people have realized the importance of hunters and how necessary they are to regulate wildlife in order to prevent potential damage to agriculture.

Hunters are the group that invests the most money in the conservation of our natural heritage, which is also yours:

Both small and big game hunting contribute to environmental management. Thus, the holders of the preserves, are the first interested in achieving an adequate conservation of the natural environment.

The hunters invest their resources in maintenance and surveillance of these spaces; installation of drinking fountains, feeding troughs, cleaning of mountains, opening of firebreaks… Activities destined to the hunting fauna but from which all the natural patrimony benefits.

Hunting keeps animal diseases at bay:

Hunting controls diseases that can endanger both wildlife and domestic animals. In wildlife, we have the example of mange in certain goats, or myxomatosis, VHN in rabbits, or tuberculosis in deer and wild boar. Eliminating specimens reduces their expansion and consequently allows the survival of the species.

They guarantee that you have food in your supermarket and that the price is not exorbitant:

According to AGROSEGURO data, in 2016 a total of 9,472 agricultural claims were caused by wildlife, mostly game species. In order to achieve a reduction in damage in the primary sector, these species must be adequately controlled.

If hunters did not control wildlife populations, crop damage would be uncontrollable. We have seen this during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, in which the government recommended to the autonomous regions to authorize hunting as a control within the state of alarm.

They reduce the chances of you having a traffic accident:

In 2009 alone, there were almost 13,900 accidents caused by animals on the road. In 387 of these cases, there were victims of which nine died and 61 were seriously injured.

The wild boar and roe deer population has skyrocketed in the last ten years, so this problem is growing. In conclusion; Hunting reduces the chances of you or any of your loved ones crashing into one of these animals, which every year claim several lives on our roads.

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