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Hunting is gastronomy, hunters for thousands of years have been taking advantage of every part of the animal for their enjoyment. This is something that has not changed over the centuries, because for the true hunter, the day only ends when he sits at the table to enjoy the dishes that, with great effort, he has managed to hunt in the mountains.

Nowadays, hunting gastronomy is beginning to gain more importance, even outside the hunting community, even in television programs you can see show-cookings and other activities giving more voice to our sector.

What many of us already understood as a privilege, is now beginning to be accepted and promoted in the same way by professionals from different sectors, and this is something to be celebrated.

In addition, hunting meat has numerous benefits, both big game and small game, provide us with various nutrients.

Big game meat, for example, is usually meat with very powerful flavors and aromatic touches, it is also low in fat and has a high protein value which provides us with vitamin B12, which prevents numerous diseases. In addition, being all natural, it lacks hormonal residues, antibiotics and other drugs that are usually administered in animals raised on farms.

It is important to highlight the great business activity generated by hunting gastronomy, which moves about 100 million euros per year. In fact, Spain is the largest exporter of game meat in Europe.

Even so, you wonder why the consumption of game meat in Spain is so low, and I personally believe that it is due to the little understanding that there is of our collective.

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