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Alvaro hunting.

The reason behind the action

Before I became conscious, like most people, all my life I have gone to a supermarket to buy food. The thing is, by subconscious omission, I thought I wasn’t eating animals that had ever been alive.

Thanks to my love of spearfishing, I was not closed to learning about the reality of life and food consumption. I was open minded and had no prejudices about hunting, moreover, I had no knowledge other than knowing that to achieve your goal you had to study and know the environment and the hunted animal very well.

That’s where @ducay7 comes in. He was the one who took the plunge and convinced me to join him on a hunting adventure to see how things were done in the field. Soon after I decided to join him on his adventure to find out what it really meant to eat meat. After 2 years of learning, I felt that if I didn’t know what was involved, I would be a hypocrite who avoided responsibility and turned a blind eye to the realities of life. After taking out licenses and after much observation, I wanted to see if I was capable of killing and cleaning an animal. Personally, I prefer the term “hunting” although it is true that “killing” has a certain unapologetic honesty to it.

*The experience of eating and feeding your family by the sweat of your brow is a rewarding sensation.

Like all hunters, my early successes were inaccurate due to lack of experience. However, I learned that any success in the field takes hard work and training. That is why I got down to work and after another 3 years of hard work and learning, I have had the opportunity to shoot my first roe deer. I was lucky enough to try it in the French Pyrenees with Frank Almagro accompanied by @ducay7 and @luiscarballo20. The rifle used is a jewel handmade by the “Armurerie de la Tet” @armureriedelatet located in Ille-sur-Têt in the French Pyrenees. A dream come true.

To paraphrase Canadian hunter Christine; “It’s never easy to take a life, never, but it’s necessary. And I want to meet that reality with kindness, not violence.”

To conclude, I would like to highlight and praise the tremendous work of Franck Almagro as a hunting guide. The areas where we were hunting have some of the best views I have ever enjoyed in a hunting area. The quality of his work is demonstrated by his way of appreciating the roe deer and how well he knows his areas and preferences. It has been a pleasure to appreciate this wonderful animal with him and I totally recommend to go hunting with Franck in these dream places.

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