Why experience it just once?
What would happen if our trophies spoke?

Wildscreen is the digital revolution of hunting trophies, developed by Young Wild Hunters, an audiovisual and product design company focused on the digitization of the hunting world.

Wildscreen has been projected for hunting trophies to tell our great hunting stories.

Since its founding in 2017, Young Wild Hunters has traveled the world, documenting the true essence of hunting and its ancestral past. With audiovisual productions being broadcast in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Canada.

After thousands of miles traveled and endless adventures, the Young Wild Hunters team has designed a product that seeks to revive hunting trophies, changing the meaning of these. You will no longer have to tell the story of the trophy, it will be the trophy that tells your story.

Using our audiovisual experience we have designed a 4.4 inch Touchscreen HD display, where you will be able to watch your favorite videos and photos of the hunt. This display has an aluminum body machined by state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing the finishes and a minimalist design.

On the other hand, the wooden boards are made of HAYA wood. Handmade in Toledo, Spain, by experts in the sector.

Wildscreen is not only the digital stand, it is much more. With the purchase of a Wildscreen Lite, you will have access to our audiovisual producers to edit your video and photos that you want your trophy to carry.

If you want to add more video stories or images, just connect your wildscreen to your computer and upload your files. Each wildscreen has an internal memory of 1 gb.

Our goal is to educate about the real world of hunting. Transmit the essence of the responsible hunter, nature lover and faithful defender of animal rights. We seek to create the Young Wild Hunters community, where new hunters feel part of a big family and we can all together contribute to preserve this ancestral practice in a sustainable way.