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Bellowing among holm oaks

Bellowing among holm oaks

Bellowing among oaks is one of the episodes of the new season of Young Wild Hunters. Once more, we’ve count for this adventure with our friend Martin, from adictos a cazar. It is a film of the southern deer hunt in the heart of Andújar, south of Spain. On this occasion we will accompany Fernando, a young hunter from Madrid who wants to get his first specimen of southern deer and is counting on us to immortalize that great moment.

The whole experience of the trip was amazing but the beginning left us speechless. The zeal was on the rise, that was something that was clear to us as soon as we got out of the car. The bellowing was one of the most shocking events I’ve ever seen; the deer were preparing to leave the forests to show their might and greatness. It was about reaching the best position and fighting to have the largest possible number of females and thus obtain their offspring.

Surrounded by a landscape of holm oaks and at the foot of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza, Spanish patron saint of hunters, we set out to locate the first deer. We were looking for a specific deer, a defective or selective one was not worth us. We wanted a mature one, a deer that had fulfilled its stage as a dominant breeding male, beginning its decline, and that could already leave its legacy to new generations.

Photo of the landscape of holm oaks in Andujar

  The first hours we spent soaking ourselves in binoculars and enjoying the wonderful bellowing and the roar, which, although it is after the berra, some fallow deer were already beginning to have heat.

Very late in the afternoon a deer left us stunned. But we were even more surprised when we saw it disappear as if the earth had swallowed him. We set out to re stalk it and, finally, after two hours of looking up, we managed to get close enough to allow Fernando to take a shot and get the deer he had been waiting for so long.

The king of the woods

It was a unique trophy, Fernando couldn’t believe it. The illusion became even greater when he was able to have the king of the woods close by, touch him and see how the horns developed perfectly.

But our adventure does not end here. That same night we’ve got ready to do an other hunt in search of wild boars. The property gave us green light to hunt them. Therefore, due to the high density of this species and the lack of hunting on the land, due to the coronavirus situation, the number of wild boars had to be controlled in some way.

We placed ourselves in a blind, a booth that protected us from the wind to prevent our smell from reaching the pigs. At nightfall, with the last traces of light, the first wild boars came in. For a long ten minutes they remained nervous and were showing no intention of staying longer. They abandoned, how it looked like they would do. But, the way they acted, gave us reason to think that they would return. And so it was, thirty minutes after disappearing they entered again.

Martin and Fernando with the male deer

We spent a few minutes evaluating the six wild boars that we had in our sights. Two of them got together at one point and Fernando made a masterful shot, keeping both in a single shot. The sound of the rifle scared off the rest of the animals. We decided to hold on without leaving the blind to see if the option arose of being able to find another large male.

It was a matter of time for another batch of wild boar to enter. Fernando aimed and stayed with what was going to be his third pig.

A deer and three wild boars in one night, thus we close a round day.

An adventure that will be recorded forever, a unique story, something to remember.

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