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About Us

About Us

About us

Young Wild Hunters was born with the mission of helping hunters to communicate the true essence of hunting and its values, perfectly compatible with the modern world and new generations.

We have designed products and services intended to allow hunters to express themselves, communicate and better feel the true essence of what they do.

Recording services


Combining the tradition of an ancestral art with the modernity that young people bring with them. This is the perfect combination of the naturalization of trophies with the latest audiovisual reproduction technology.

All this results in the Young Wild Screen®, an elegant line of pedestals that incorporate a state-of-the-art audiovisual playback device that will allow you to relive your best hunting moments like you have never done before.

Team Young Wild Hunters

Ignacio Ducay

(Founder & Hunter)

Ignacio is one of our founders. From a very early age he knew he was destined to live from nature at some point in his life. That’s why at the age of 19 he borrowed a video camera and went outdoors to record his day to day life in the countryside and the activities he liked the most. After finishing his university studies he realised that his working life didn’t belong in an office and founded Young Wild Hunters together with his brother Jacobo Ducay and his childhood friend Gonzalo Palma. You only have to see his way of doing things, the passion and effort he puts behind each project is enough proof that hunting and nature are a fundamental part of his life. Ignacio’s philosophy is that the more effort it takes to hunt an animal, the more rewarding it will be. His skills do not stop in the field, this intrepid hunter is a lover of cooking and is always searching to create dishes with a story behind them.

Gonzalo Palma

(Founder & Hunter)

Founding partner of Young Wild Hunters, Gonzalo is a real “PH” when he goes out in the field. He is capable of analyzing the game patterns and discovering their preferences in record time in order to be able to always hunt in the best possible way. His analytical capacity as an engineer allows him to see every outing as an exercise whose solution ends up in the kitchen eating the prey, which is why his effectiveness is very high. Nevertheless, he always enjoys each adventure and escapade like the first day proving that in this team work and passion are one same thing. Gonzalo, thanks to his training, is able to see solutions and think ahead to take this company to the next level, which is of vital importance according to the clear philosophy of Young Wild Hunters.

Jacobo Ducay

(Founder & Hunter)

He is one of the founding partners of Young Wild Hunters. He has been a hunter since he was a child, and his serenity and experience in hunting is reflected in the temperance with which he shoots his bow. In many ways Jacobo has been a mentor in the field training that Ignacio has today. In addition, he is able to bring his great business maturity to Young Wild Hunters, allowing him to achieve all the goals he sets for himself with effort and attitude. Jacobo, is a patient and calm hunter who shows a passion that makes him a true lover of conservation and nature.

Álvaro Paniagua

(COO & Hunter)

Álvaro, an adventurer by nature and a native of Madrid, is a full-fledged survivor. This fisherman and hunter doesn’t understand what it means to stand still, so he is always thinking and planning new trips and concepts to be exploited by the audio-visual team. He has been linked to Young Wild Hunters since its beginnings, in fact, when Ignacio picked up the camera for the first time, Alvaro was there to help him in that first crazy adventure. After that, he focused his career on the digital business market, but it was only a matter of time before Alvaro jumped on board the Young Wild Hunters boat. Along with Ignacio, he is a great lover of cooking and that is why you will always find him busy in the kitchen. Every year he has high hopes of filling the freezer to develop new top-notch recipes to show the world the true essence of hunting cuisine. His hunger to learn and improve makes every adventure a constant quest for self-improvement.

Luis Carballo

(Camera Crew)

Behind each episode there is much more than just pressing the button and recording a deer crossing our hunting ground. What we try is to show the story of how we get to each point and how we do it our way. Luis is one of the people behind the camera who helps us capture each of those moments. His specialty is building story lines and getting the shots needed to complete the most spectacular sequences you can imagine. To make the day to day life of our team visible, Luis is able to take care and visualize little details that make the difference and make us who we really are.

Ramón Valentín


Ramón can be found working on new ways to digitalize hunting as well as on the top of a cliff in search of chamois, of course, always in his T-shirt. This traditional hunter with the strength of a pack mule and the eyesight of an eagle is capable of stalking any animal he sets his mind to. He is the mind behind the company Big Trophy International.This peculiar hunter never hesitates to express his sensations which allows us to capture and show the true essence behind every outing in the field. He is survival in its purest form.

Our main motto

We eat what we hunt



Young and passionate about nature and the rural world.
We were born to protect and care for the countryside and everything that surrounds it.
Let’s not forget where we come from.
“We are a fresh air”.



The mountains, the rivers, the sunrises, the sunsets, knowing and learning from nature, we carry it in our blood.
“We are part of it”



“We are hunters” and we are very proud to be so. Friendship, camaraderie, laughter,
anecdotes, but above all, loyalty and passion,
They are the pillars that unite us.

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